St Mary's School, Rutherglen

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"Our Earth is a treasure we hold in trust for future generations"

Monday, July 22, 2024

Philosophy of Learning

St Mary's Rutherglen Educational Philosophy

We believe that the role of the school environment must be diverse, collaborative, practical, supportive and sustainable to allow for all 21st century learning styles.

We believe that the role of the learner is to be positive, supported, collaborative, and active in their learning.

We believe that the role of the teacher is to facilitate learning, by providing a learning environment that caters for the diverse needs of students both educationally and emotionally.

We believe that the role of the parent is to nurture and support a positive attitude to learning.

St. Mary’s Staff Belief Statements

We believe that all students can learn and best learn new knowledge based upon the foundation of previous learning.

We believe some students learn in different ways therefore teachers must provide learning environments that best exploit previous learning.

We believe that learning should be student centred, active, not passive and be learning that has relevance and importance for the student.